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Create Hope in the World

Date: Sunday Jun 2, 2024, 12:00 pm

Rotary International President Lunch

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Speaker 18th April

Our speaker was Sasha Kober who gave a very thoughtful and researched, personal reflection on “The state of State Education”.
Sasha has been teaching at Princes Hill High for 20 years and is a passionate advocate of “quality free accessible education”.
Despite its problems, Victorian education delivers the best attendance rates and NAPLAN scores and less difference across private/public divide, in the nation.
Major issues:


Speaker April 4th

Our speaker on April 4th was Katie Hall, Member for Footscray in the Legislative Assembly since 2018.
Katie is proud of her Footscray heritage and was encouraged by her family to become involved in public life.
2025 will be a big year for the local community:


Golf Day

The Annual Golf day on April 19th was held at Eynesbury Golf Course this year, due to rising costs at Sanctuary Lakes. We were well supported by Sponsors and Donations from far and wide, as well as from our members too.   We had 56 players join in for a fun day and most I spoke to, enjoyed the day of relaxed golf (always better in a cart if you don’t have to walk!) and the food received favourable comments too. 


Horn of Africa Project - a further update

We would like to provide an update regarding the Horn of Africa project, which has now successfully completed its latest initiative to send essential goods to the Horn of Africa region.

The Horn of Africa project was commissioned to provide those living in the Horn of Africa region with the resources and materials that would make a positive difference in their lives. In particular, the project aimed to provide medical equipment to local hospitals that were in dire need, and to support locals who would otherwise travel long distances to receive the basic medical care that they needed. The beneficiaries of these donated resources can now boast of much improved facilities and vastly superior patient care.



Mambourin Awards

At the meeting on May 16th, three awards will be made to staff at Mambourin Enterprises. These awards by our club in partnership with Mambourin. will be made in the following categories:-
1.       Outstanding Supported Employee
2.       Outstanding Disability Support Worker
3.       First Year Disability Support Worker


Speakers 21st March

At our meeting on 21 March tow speakers Fortuna Berhane of the Australia Tigray Alliance and Dr Hiwet Aregawi a medical practioner who arrived in Australia a year ago. They gave us apowerful insight to the needs in Tigray following the two year civil war. 

Fortuna emphasised the waty in which support can be provided whilst Hiwet spoke of the lack of supplies that resulted in many deaths,



As things return to normal post COVID-19 we will meet on the first and third Thursday evenings of the month.

Details of meetings are posted on this website and also Facebook.

All are most welcome to join us.


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