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Meeting June 1st

Dr Akram Abdulahi was our speaker on the 1st June.

Akram grew up in Melbourne, studied dentistry at Melbourne University and now works at dental practices and Kensington.

Akram spoke about the Hararian Community in Melbourne and its efforts in supporting their youth to ensure that they have strong connections to their own community and have positive role models..

The Hararian Community built a community centre in Mt Cottrell  

Our primary goal is to support the integration of migrant families, and our wider community members into Australian society whilst upholding traditions, and cultural identities. We focus on social cohesion and integration through education programs, and social activities that run throughout the year for diverse ages.”

Akram spoke of the positive influence the community has had with their young people having success through the education system and avoiding trouble and entering the youth justice system.


Two dentists Dr Akram Abduhali and Dr Jamie Robertson

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