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Beyond Water

BeyondWater and Rotary clubs across Australia have partnered together since 2007 to give 240,000 people (and counting) clean water and sanitation facilities EVERY DAY to East Africans. 

What began with our founders Pete & Sharon Crean (RC Pohutukawa Coast, NZ) to give one child clean water has expanded to schools, medical clinics and remote communities across seven countries. Our leadership program, The Girl Project, now operates in four locations in Kenya and Rwanda.

With the generosity of Rotary, Interact and Rotaract Clubs thousands of students now have good toilets and somewhere to wash their hands.

Our passion for fighting poverty is strong as ever. Now that Covid restrictions have lessened we’re pleased to announce our 2022 Pedal Against Poverty NZ/US Tour is happening over November and December. Our New Zealand crew will be cycling the length of the North Island. For those in Texas, they’ll be taking up the cycling cause on the day the Kiwis finish. Next year, we aim to add Australia to our tour route.

Our goal is to raise $50,000. This will enable us to build ten blocks of toilets, giving at least 4,000 children to have a much-improved sanitation environment at school. Each toilet block will have guttering on it and a 2,000-litre tank where students can wash their hands.

What we need now is for Rotary Clubs to partner with us to achieve this. Thus, we are reaching out to our Australian Rotary family and asking for clubs to make a $500 donation towards our cause. 

100% of donations go directly towards projects and we prove where your money goes via photos and videos. Clubs are also given recognition through names on a plaque.

You can find more information about the 2022 Pedal Against Poverty tour HERE.

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