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Speaker March 2 - Catriona Robinson-Nguyen

Catrione, daughter of PP Jamie Robertson and Suong Nguyen is well known to many of our members and we have watched her grow up. Her first official connection with Rotary was when our club sponsored her to the National Youth Science Forum around 10 years ago and since then her career in Science has been outstanding and extensive. One area that she is focussing on is Science Communication – helping the general population to understand scientific information necessary for everyday life. The COVID pandemic showed how important this area is in providing accessible information and in helping to counteract pseudo-science. Her communication skills are outstanding and engaging. 

Her PhD was awarded for her work with T-cells and developing a TB vaccine and she explained the background to her work. During her research she has mentored and taught younger students and used social media such as Instagram to communicate about science. In addition she writes, presents to young people and uses music to help engage the interest of young people. In closing she treated us to a song  “COVID 19 in quarantine” that she had composed in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown, as an example of how she communicates.

Thanks for a wonderful presentation Catriona.


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