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Meeting May 18th

The Mambourin/Rotary Club of Footscray Disability Worker Award

This award is jointly sponsored by Mambourin and the Rotary Club of Footscray and acknowledges the contribution that support workers make to the day to day lives of people living with a disability.

There were three awards:

1 Most outstanding disability support worker of the year with a minimum of 5 years of service to the sector but preferably 10 or more.

Alem Yale Tirunhe was the recipient with almost 12 years of service. She is a facilitator at the Melton Hub.

2. Most outstanding supported employee/trainee of the year was Ben Eldridge

He was the person who has shown the most progress towards achieving his goals over the past 12 months. Ben is a horticulture assistant from the Sunshine Garden Crew.

3. Most outstanding disability support worker of the year with less than 12 months experience was Marie Imanishimwe. Marie began as a student in 2022, then moved to being a casual and now is on a full-time contract

Each of the recipients expressed a joy in their daily work and have a feeling that they have found their niche and that they are in the right job. Family members came along to share in the celebration.  Alem and her family wore traditional dress and added some color to the night. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to present these awards and share in the pride and happiness of each of the families.


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