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Thanks from Donations in Kind

DIK received a grant from the Community Service Fund which provided funds for a new van. A letter of appreciation has been received from PDG Bronwyn Stephens.

“A very sincere and excited thank you for the beautiful sparkly van that has arrived and has been branded DIK. You may be aware there is a shortage of vehicles so it took some finding and we were told it may take 12 months.  We were so fortunate that this wonderful Renault was available and it is perfect.  The back doors are able to accept forklift access. The interior has been inlaid with lining and the floor with wood as protection.  As you can see, out on the road, no one can miss its purpose.
More and more we are called on to deliver or accept mobility aides and to provide community assistance.  This is just the perfect vehicle for buzzing around in and it will park readily in residential streets, where parking the truck is quite difficult.
We are a diverse bunch at DIK.  Sister Hermine is packing for Tanzania for her .  Rosemarie cares for a gentleman with an acquired brain injury who volunteers at the warehouse and she volunteers also.  We wouldn’t tackle driving the trucks but would readily manage this wonderful new van. Our boss, volunteer Laurie, isn’t looking too relaxed at the prospect but….we would be pleased to provide a chauffeur ride in our swish new beautiful vehicle. 
This grant provision has been absolutely marvellous and will be put to great use.
We are so grateful.”


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