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Horn of Africa Project - a further update

We would like to provide an update regarding the Horn of Africa project, which has now successfully completed its latest initiative to send essential goods to the Horn of Africa region.
The Horn of Africa project was commissioned to provide those living in the Horn of Africa region with the resources and materials that would make a positive difference in their lives. In particular, the project aimed to provide medical equipment to local hospitals that were in dire need, and to support locals who would otherwise travel long distances to receive the basic medical care that they needed. The beneficiaries of these donated resources can now boast of much improved facilities and vastly superior patient care.
Through the generous contributions and support of our community, in particular Rotarians, the Somali community and the Harari community, our crowdfunding campaign was able to raise $47,809, which has covered the transportation costs of three containers loaded with donated materials and equipment. We are pleased to report that the first container reached its destination of Berbera Port in November 2023, and two more containers were sent shortly after and also successfully reached their destination of Berbera Port in March 2024.
Two containers were loaded with medical equipment and distributed equally between Jig-jiga University Sheik Hassen Yabare Referral Hospital and Harar Regional State Health Bureau Jugel General Hospital in Ethiopia. The third container was loaded with food and clothing, and was distributed between multiple sites within Somaliland, including Erigabo Boarding School, Xaaxi Boarding School, Burcao City, an orphanage in Hargeisa and Borame, among other places.
While we have enjoyed enormous support from far and wide, we would like to give special thanks to some contributors. First and foremost, we would like to highlight the incredible work of the DIK management and volunteers, without whom this project would not have achieved the success that it has had so far, and the Rotary Club of Footscray, including the past president Maria Silber and current president Dr Bob Newman, who have provided essential support throughout the lifecycle of this project.
Western Health, which has generously donated an abundance of vital equipment such as I.C.U beds, Transfer trolleys, ECG Machines, Ultrasounds, Defibrillators, Radiography, Patient monitors, Ventilators, I.V Holders, Monitor screens and Tower Endoscopies. Austin Health, which has generously donated dialysis equipment which is much needed in the smaller communities of the Horn of Africa region. Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute, which has generously donated numerous mini health monitors, with more hopefully to come.
Doug Hawley and Tony Laycock of the Rotary Club of Canterbury, which through their spectacular FORaMeal initiative have generously donated around 100,000 meal packs. Nick Dallas and McGraw Hill, which have generously donated multiple stacks of medical textbooks, which will no doubt provide inspiration to the multitude of students in the Horn of Africa region.
Finally, to an anonymous contributor who has very generously donated a dental X-Ray machine. It is through the invaluable support of those who have donated their materials, resources, and time that we have been able to make such large strides to achieving our lofty goals.
It is extremely important that we also mention those generous individuals and groups who selflessly donated their time and efforts to fairly distribute the goods once they reached their destination. We would like to mention in particular, Ugaas Muxiyadin Sh Ismacil (Somaliland Clan Leader), Maxamed Axmed Aw Aadan (Director of Zamzam Foundation in Somaliland), Dr Aydarus Rabi Tahir (Jig-jiga University Sheik Hassen Yabare Referral Hospital Director of Dialysis Unit) and Dr Abrahim Salih Sufian (CEO of Harar Regional State Health Bureau Jugel General Hospital). Without them, these goods would not have reached the places that it needed to go, and it is through their effort that we can say that this project has been an astounding success.
This initiative has generated very good media coverage in Ethiopia, with reporting conducted in multiple languages, including Somali, Harari, Amharic and Oromo. A news conference was held to celebrate the enormous achievement of the Horn of Africa project, which was attended by many notable individuals in the region, including Mohamad Ayaanle Hassan (Vice Minister of Somali Regional State of Ethiopia Health Bureau), Yasin Abdulahi (Harari Regional Health Bureau Head) and Sultan Mahamed Buzayri Niman(Somali Clan Leader), who spoke extremely positively about the project and the amazing impact that it was making to their communities.
To conclude, this has been a period of great success, and we should all feel proud that we have made a positive difference for those who were in sore need of our assistance. It is truly remarkable to see how much we have achieved through our determined and warm-hearted efforts, and it is important to reflect on this success and understand that we are capable of great things. We hope that we will be able to continue this success going forward.
Jama Farah
International Chair Rotary Club of Footscray

Jama has provided many photos and a gallery of these photos will be prpared and posted on the website. Ed.

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